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  • 0 May 05, 2014 - Happy Spring!

    • by Administrator
    • 03-20-2018

    As many of you know, spring is my most favorite time of year! Spring reminds me of new beginnings and renewal and this spring in particular has been one of my most promising and productive! We are amidst of rolling out a number of new products at TTC and I am very excited about the launch of a new virtual mentoring event in the coming months. First, we have been doing quite a bit of writing. We are about to roll out our new and improved Mentor-the-Mentor series and have designed four fabulous handouts to accompany our revised and enhanced sessions; Asking Thought Provoking Questions Designing Developmental Experiences Giving Productive Feedback Sharing Wisdom Also, keep an eye out for the 2nd edition of The Keys to Mentoring Success. While making the updates, it was gratifying to see that the best practices that were laid out over a decade ago are still relevant today. However, with so many employees teleworking from home or working from remote sites we are finding the need to provide additional resources for long-distance mentoring. We are also excited to announce our anticipated launch of a Virtual Speed Mentoring Event. We are teaming with Brazen Careerists and have designed a platform that allows mentorees and potential mentors to chat virtually about a number of topics that will allow participants to get to know each other before making their matching choices. TTC is also happy to share some exciting new beginnings and announcements on a personal level. Melissa Hennen (my first full time trainer and facilitator) will be getting married in October of this year and Sarah Legros just became engaged (she is looking toward next spring to tie the knot). In addition, Kristy Atkins will be welcoming her second bundle of joy in the fall! These are exciting and happy times for TTC! Each day I am filled with gratitude to be able to be able work with such a talented team and do work that helps people grow personally and professionally. I hope we can find ways to pay this success forward!  

  • 0 Jan 06, 2014 - Happy New Year!

    • by Administrator
    • 03-20-2018

    January is an exciting time of year. As the hustle and bustle of the holiday season comes to a close, a new year is ushered in that always fills me with excitement and a promise of an even better year to come. I always find this time of year the perfect opportunity to reflect on the many blessings that the past year has brought to Team TTC as well as the challenges that we have individually and collectively overcame. My team has been very resilient this year as some have experienced some personal losses but during these challenging times we have all gained some wonderful lessons on strength and grace. As you reflect on your own journey over the past year and plan the goals that you would like to achieve in the coming months, I invite you to create a Vision Board to help clarify those goals and expectations. This has been a ritual of mine for many years and I am always amazed at how my dreams and aspirations really do become reality. Creating a vision board is simple. It is all about compiling images and affirmations that you would like to become reality. It can be as simple as cutting out pictures that represent what you want for yourself and putting them together on a poster board or even a piece of paper. The one I created is framed and sits at my desk. It is a constant reminder of what I continue to work for and strive to be personally and professionally. As you prepare to set your own vision and goals for 2014, plan to focus on the details. Goals are great to establish, but realizing them is all about the process of completing each and every step along the way. This is where the journey begins. My wish for you is a happy, healthy and prosperous 2014!!! Enjoy the journey, Kathy

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